TheIndieStation provides only the best quality tutorials in different tutorial series with each having a whole new theme. This makes it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for to learn all the neccesaties required for their own project. Below each tutorial series you might find a couple of links to the resources that have been used to create that tutorial, so you don’t have to look or create your own, and be able to start learning right away!

When a new tutorial series is in progress, my goal is to upload a new part every Sunday and sometimes even do a second upload on Monday when a community milestone has been completed. New tutorial series will always be announced on this Stencyl topic, where you will also find more info about the community challenges. I currently have a list of series I am planning on doing, but I am always open for new suggestions, so don’t hesitate to tell me about them!

Tutorial series

These are the tutorial series that will teach you the basics of a certain genre or type of game. If a tutorial series uses pre-made assets, you will be able to download them from one of the download links below each thumbnail. If a tutorial or series doesn’t provide a link to the used assets, you can use your own graphics since they don’t have any requirements!

Endless game

Basic platformer

Mobile controller

Dialog Extension beginners guide

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